Can I Hang Out With You Guys?

Kurt Niles , Valentino Nappystar and Axel Kane

Younger stepbrothers always want to hang out with the big boys... especially when they are up to no good. So when Kurt catches his older stepbrother and his friend with some weed, he wants to chill out as well! But in order to hang, Kurt’s big stepbro makes him pay his dues! He pushes the kid down on and his hands and knees to lick his toes while his horny friend watches. Then the little guy takes his big buddy’s cock in his mouth, getting it all wet with spit while giving a hungry blowjob. The muscular twunk gets harder and harder as the kid sucks, and finally, he slides his cock into the boy’s butthole raw while he sucks his friend’s thick dick. The older boys fill the twink’s butt with a big serving of cum, and decide that he’s worthy enough to stick around!

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